The desire for revival is in the heart of everyone who is thirsty for more of God. The desire to have His Living Waters flow freely through our lives is a hope we all share. When we think of revival, we usually think of a revival meeting—a place where the life of the Spirit of God is moving and people are being saved, healed and restored—and you go to “that place” to receive newness of life, or a healing touch, or a hope within your heart to be filled with the life of God. Revival is a living experience received through such a “meeting place”—a room or location filled, with the presence of the Lord.

Drinking from the Wells of Salvation is a little book that can bring treasures to you from heaven—your meeting place. It is filled with some of the gems I have learned in the past forty years of walking with God, and I believe each gem will help you in your everyday life with Jesus. When you get to the heart of the matter, we are all pretty much the same; so these lessons I have learned can be valuable tools to live an overcoming life walking with God—refreshed and renewed.

Being a Jewish believer in Jesus, I have a deep desire to see God’s promise come for Israel’s restoration and salvation, as well as for the Nations surrounding Israel to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. I believe seeing Ishmael and Isaac’s seeds walking together, proclaiming His Name to this lost and dying world, would comfort God’s heart. In this little book, I have touched on the salvation of Israel and the promises God has made to her, with the hope that your heart might be touched to pray and to know God’s heart for Israel. My hope is for you to receive a love for my people and for the Arab people, and pray for us to be one in Him. My hope is for you to “see the light,” and pray for the Church to come to her fullness, and to be restored to her original calling in God. In light of this, Drinking from the Wells of Salvation touches on individual and national salvation, individual and national deliverance, as well as individual and national revival.

The heart of God is for each one of us to know Him (John 17:3), for the fullness of the Gentiles to come in (Ephesians 2:12) and for the salvation of Israel to come, on that day (Ro- mans 11:26). And remember: the nations that remain on that day surrounding Israel will know that Jesus is the LORD God of Israel, to the Glory of God (Ezekiel 36:36). I look forward to that day, for His Kingdom will come—His will be done—on earth as it is in Heaven… to the Glory of God.

Your life is special in the sight of God, and He desires to share His Life with you. This little book is all about discover- ing how God’s Life can flow freely in and through yours. Jesus Himself said, he who tries to save his life will lose it – but he who loses his life for My name’s sake will find it. May you find Him in a new and living way.

Drinking from the Wells of Salvation will open streams in the desert for you, which can lead to Living Waters flowing like a river of Life through you. Are you thirsty for more of Je- sus? I believe His desire is to fill you with His Life… His Living Waters.

It is with joy that we drink from the Wells of Salvation. My hope is for you to be renewed in The Lord as you read on, and that you will have a personal revival take place within your heart. Come to Jesus just as you are and with much joy—Drink from the Wells of Salvation. Be blessed as you read on.

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